Law and Public Safety

Law and Public Safety

Business Emergency Plan

Like individuals and families, workplaces, neighborhoods and apartment buildings should all have site-specific emergency plans.

Ask about plans at the places where your family spends the most time: work, school and other places you frequent. If none exist, consider volunteering to help develop one. You will be better prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones during an emergency if you think ahead, and communicate with others in advance.

For more information on working together, visit Citizen Corps.

If you are an employer, make sure your workplace has a building evacuation plan that is regularly practiced. FEMA has produced a business plan template, as well as a document outlining the costs of preparing a business for a disaster.

Also, if you haven't already; learn about a FREE service from the St. Louis County Department of Health that can help businesses protect their employees from the devastating effects of a Public Health emergency.The Bio-Defense Network is a joint project of the St. Louis County Department of Health and

Employers should also:
  • Take a critical look at your  heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to determine if it is secure or if it could feasibly be upgraded to better filter potential contaminants, and be sure you know how to turn it off if you need to.

    • Think about what to do if your employees can't go home.

    • Make sure you have appropriate supplies on hand.

    Read more about emergency supply kits and sheltering in place.

    For more information on working together, visit Citizen Corps and the plan for locations page.

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