Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

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Our Mission

The mission of the Health Education Program of Saint Louis County Department of Health is to promote healthy behaviors in collaboration with community partners. We provide health information programs, presentations and consultations that promote health and prevent disease.

Health in Focus

April is “Alcohol Awareness Month”

Do you enjoy a drink now and then?

Many of us do, often when socializing with friends and family. Drinking can be beneficial or harmful, depending on your age and health status, and, of course, how much you drink.

What's a "standard" drink?

Many people are surprised to learn what counts as a drink. In the United States, a "standard" drink is any drink that contains about 0.6 fluid ounces or 14 grams of "pure" alcohol. Although the drinks below are different sizes, each contains approximately the same amount of alcohol and counts as a single standard drink.

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