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Property and Roads

Community Builder Incentive


Community Builders Incentive (CBI) is funded with HOME Investment Partnership funding received by OCD through an annual allocation from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The funds can be used by any low-to- moderate income (LMI) (see income limits below) homebuyer purchasing a home from an eligible builder in St. Louis County.  The funds can be used by the buyer for down payment and/or closing costs assistance.

CBI was created with the intent of increasing affordability and providing quality homes that meets 15 year sustainability for income eligible homebuyers in St. Louis County. 

CBI was also created with the intent of providing home developers with an incentive to reinvest in St. Louis through quality rehabilitation of existing structures or development of new affordable housing in areas of need. 

Regarding the breakdown of project funding there will be a 30% set-aside for homes rehabilitated or constructed by qualified builders in Spanish Lake and an additional 30% set-aside for homes rehabilitated or constructed by qualified builders in Lemay. The additional 40% of funding will be open to the entire County; however OCD will rank reservations based on satisfying policy priorities. Reservations ranking the highest will receive funding first and those ranking lower will receive funding until it has been exhausted Reservations will expire within 6 months following final completion of construction if a qualified buyer is  not under contract to purchase the property in which the reservation is made.

Project Requirements:

For-Profit Builder (licensed, bonded and insured)


Experienced Non-Profit Builder - 501 (c) (3) (licensed, bonded and insured) (CHDO optional)


Meets 15 Year Sustainability Standards (All items below must be checked for eligibility)

        Roof < 5 years old

        Furnace < 5 years old

        Air Conditioner < 5 years old           

        Water heater < 5 years old


Minimum 1 year Home Warranty Provided


Unit receiving assistance has been vacant for 90 days and no tenant relations were in place at the time of acquisition.

Funding Set-Aside:

Targeted Development/Redevelopment in Spanish Lake or Lemay

Click here for Information and a map of Spanish Lake.

Click here for Information and a map of Lemay.

Project Preferences:

Rehabilitation of Existing Residential Structures

Mixed Income Development

Accessible Homes

Close Proximity to Public Transportation, Schools and Jobs, < 5 miles

Green, Energy Star &/or LEED Certified Homes