Law and Public Safety

Law and Public Safety

Bureau of Communications
Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Calls

Q: When should I call Emergency 911?

Q: If I have a problem but it's not an emergency, who should I call?

Q: How do I call for police or emergency assistance on my cellular phone?

Q: What if I am using a cellular phone and just need to ask for directions?

Becoming Involved

Q: How do I become involved in County Police sponsored amateur radio and severe weather observation (SKYWARN) activity?

Obtaining Information

Q: Does the Police Department release information on events that happen in my neighborhood?

Q: I'm thinking of moving and would like to know what type and number of crimes occurred in the area. How can I find out before I make my decision to move?

Q: I don't want to lose my child's trust, but what should I do if I'm told about an assault, drug use, or other criminal activity that had occurred at school?

Commendations and Complaints

Q: How can I commend or complain about the actions of a County Police Department employee?

Career Information

Q: How do I become a County Public Safety Dispatcher?

For more information, please contact:

Bureau of CommunicationsCALEA Public Safety Communications Logo
Captain Steve Sack, Commander
Telephone: (314) 615-5360
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Mrs. Veronica Clayborn, Police Communications Deputy DirectorOpen our Facebook page in a new tab or window
Telephone: (314) 615-5360
E-mail: []

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Emergency Calls: Call 911
Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (314) 889-2341
TDD: (314) 889-2345