Law and Public Safety

Law and Public Safety

City of Fenton (5th) Precinct

West County Precinct  Building

Captain Jeffrey Bader, Commander [Contact]

Precinct Station
625 New Smizer Mill Road
Fenton, MO 63026 [Map]
(636) 349-8120
[City of Fenton Website]

Captain's Message

photo of Captain Bader

The  officers serving in the City of Fenton Precinct are committed to providing police services at the highest possible level.  We make this commitment so the people who reside in our City, attend our schools, work in our businesses, or enjoy the many amenities that Fenton has to offer, can do so knowing the area is one of the safest in Saint Louis County. 

This commitment is only possible through the assistance of our community.  The assistance we need is gained through the participation of our citizens in programs we sponsor such as the Citizen Police Academy, the Neighborhood Watch Program ,  and the annual National Night Out events.
In a recent review of available material it was determined that petty larcenies are one of the primary concerns within our community.   The petty larcenies are occurring primarily from unlocked vehicles, the majority of them on business parking lots.  To prevent these thefts, we recommend  locking your vehicle when it will be unattended for even a short period of time.  Additionally, we recommend that you leave nothing of value in plain view .   We ask our citizens to immediately report any suspicious behavior, such as persons loitering in parking lots,  or unfamiliar individuals walking in neighborhoods.

Please rest assured that our officers and myself will continually monitor the events occurring in our City.  As we identify issues affecting the City we will develop enforcement plans to address them.  As a part of our commitment to you, and your partnership with us, I will strive to ensure that you are kept up to date on the information available to me and the assistance we need from you.

Winter Vehicle Preparation

Are you prepared if your vehicle were to break down in the snow today.  You could walk to a stranger’s house or to the closest store?  What if you in a desolate area and your car runs off the road.  Packing an Emergency Kit for the trunk of your car can make you grim situation a little more bearable.

Emergency Kit:

·         flares or reflective triangle or cones

·         flashlight

·         distress sign

·         telephone change

·         first aid supplies

·         basic tools

·         a fully charged cell phone

·         an inflated spare tire

·         proper tools to change a tire

Other recommended items are:

·         boots

·         hat

·         coat

·         gloves

·         jumper cables

·         carpet strips, sand or kitty litter for traction

·         ice scraper and brush

·         blanket

·         food

Rise of the Scams!

What is needed to complete a successful scam is finding a vulnerable victim then creating a sense of urgency.

There are so many forms of scams going around now days, it hard to list all of them and their variances.  The scammers smart, they are getting personal by finding and using their victim’s first names and even their children/grandchildren’s names.  Your name is easy to get, I will explain how they get your children’s names later.  I have compiled a list of scams you generally might see or hear.    

·        “Don, your utility bill is delinquent and if it’s not paid in full we will shut off your utilities. Please provide us with your Credit Card number and we will get your utility turned back on.”

·        “Grandpa?”

You say “Johnny?” 

 “Yeah it me Johnny, I’ve been arrested, I need $2,000 bond money so I can get out of jail!”

·        “Grandpa Don?  I’m stuck in Sochi, Russia and I lost my passport, the government says need $1700 for an emergency replacement passport in order for me to get home.”

·        “Hello Mr. Don, your credit card had suspicious activity on it and was locked, please give us your social security number and credit card number in order to unlock your account.”

·        “Don I purchased your cell phone on Craigslist, but there was an accounting mistake, we accidently added and extra (0) to the check.  Please cash the check, keep what we owe you along with an extra $200 for any inconveniences, and then please mail the remaining back to me.”

All situations create a sense of urgency that make you feel as if you don’t act swiftly things will be terrible because of you.  Most require immediate payment in electronic form, either giving your credit card number or purchasing a prepaid Visa card through the phone.  Some request will be for you to wire money via; Western Union, or Money gram to a chosen remote location. 

DON’T DO IT, Slow down, and relax. 

·        Verify information from your accounts.  Tell them you will call them back right back after you call the credit card company.  They don’t want this and you will never hear from them again. 

·        Call your daughter; ask her if little Johnny is in Russia or if there is a chance he might be in jail. 

·        You can make them hang up quickly if you were to call their bluff, ask what the families dog’s name was. 

·        DO NOT send large sums of money anywhere without first verifying information. 

·        If it sound too good to be true; it probably is.  If you deposit a fraudulent check and withdraw the funds before it clears, you will be responsible for replacing all money back to the bank. 

Spread this information to everyone, the next victim might be your Grandpa Don who doesn’t computer.  If you are ever unsure or confused about a similar situation feel free call your friendly local St. Louis County Police Precinct and they would love to help you stay safe. 

Precinct Boundary Map

City of Fenton Precinct Map
Open a map of the City of Fenton Precinct, including boundaries, major highways, and surrounding communities.

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Emergency Calls: Call 911
Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (314) 889-2341
TDD: (314) 889-2345

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Report Crime ... Make the Call

If you see a crime in progress or another emergency situation that requires an immediate police response, call 911. Provide the call-taker with a good description of the incident, the offender, and the exact location.

For non-emergencies, however, do not call 911. Non-emergency calls to 911 can slow the response time to true emergencies. The number to call for non-emergencies is (314) 889-2341.