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CMPA Passes CALEA On-Site Inspection

Posted 2 years 333 days ago ago by News Editor

The Public Safety Training Academy Accreditation Program was developed in 2002 and is open to governmental organizations that are authorized to provide a comprehensive basic law enforcement or public safety training program or advanced in-service broad scope training.  Its purpose is to promote superior public safety training services and recognize professional excellence.  The program's standards were derived from the best practices of professional public safety training agencies and institutions, and do not conflict with any national or state Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) authorities or other training authorities.  The program has 158 standards which cover nine topic areas: 1) credentialing, 2) organization, 3) direction and authority, 4) human resources, 5) recruitment, selection, employment, and promotion, 6) instructional systems, 7) training administration, 8) instructors, 9) students

This academy opted to obtain the Public Safety Training Academy Accreditation to enhance the prior CALEA Accreditation it received under the St. Louis County Police Department. Accreditation is a continuing process. The Academy successfully prepared for an on-site assessment for renewal of its accreditation in August of 2011. We hope to receive the re-accreditation at the CALEA conference in Colorado Springs, CO in November.

For more information about CALEA and the accreditation process, go to CALEA Accreditation.

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  CALEA Accreditation
On December 6, 2008, the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy was granted Accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Public Safety Training Academies. This page explains the process, and the value of this accreditation to the Academy, our trainees and their departments, and the community.
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