Law and Public Safety

Law and Public Safety

Business Operations Center (BOC) Overview

Emergency Operations Center while activatedThe Business Operations Center is a voluntary alliance of key businesses and associations formed to represent the private sector in assisting St. Louis County Emergency Management to plan and react to disasters impacting the county of St. Louis and beyond. Best of all, there is no cost to be a member of the BOC.

Become a member of the Business Operations Center.

BOC Objectives:

  • Assist St. Louis County OEM in planning for response to emergencies.
  • Make the talent and resources of the business community available to fill gaps in emergency response.
  • Serve as the vital link in communications between the public and private sector during emergencies.
  • Provide timely information of disaster events directly to the business community.

BOC Capabilities:

  • Creates a trusted environment for information sharing, collaboration, and problem solving between the public and private sectors.
  • Acts as a single point of contact for private sector organizations to engage within the emergency management infrastructure.
  • Facilitates public-private training and exercise activities.
  • Recruits private sector partners.

Benefits of the BOC:

  • Improves effeciency and effectivness of public and private sector emergency response capabilites.
  • Engages private sector from the outset of an emergency, enabling strategic use of all community resources.
  • Consolidates requests for assistance from government agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Facilitates sharing of expertise and best practices between sectors.
  • Formats requests for assistance and other communications in a format compatible with private sector business processes.

BOC Operations:

  • Operates from within the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Staffed by volunteers with an understanding of emergency operations and private sector business processes.
  • Staff works closely with the logistics section and appropriate ESFs to manage requests for assistance and engagement of private sector partners.
  • Uses technology to organize and disseminate requests for assistance, and to facilitate inter-sector communication.

Become a member of the Business Operations Center.