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Permanent Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program Update

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In order to better serve the residents of the county, one-day collection events are being replaced with permanent HHW drop-off locations that will be open on a routine schedule. Highlights of the permanent program include:


Secure sites where a resident can take HHW materials and conveniently have them properly disposed and/or recycled.


A reservation system where a resident can schedule a convenient time to drop off materials and thus eliminate long wait times. To make a reservation and to see a list of accepted items visit Latex paint is being accepted for recycling, but residents will be required to pay the full cost. That fee is 20 cents per pound ($2.00 for every gallon). Unlike other household chemical waste, latex paint is not actually hazardous. If completely dried out, latex paint can be safely disposed of with your trash.


For all other eligible HHW, there is a 50-pound limit.


If you have more than 50 pounds of HHW, you have the option to bring it in at the time of your appointment; however, you will be charged our contracted fee to handle the additional material, which is $1.00 per pound.


Fees, if applicable, can be paid using cash or a credit card. The facility will accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Checks will not be accepted and debit cards will be processed as credit cards.


Only household hazardous wastes are accepted. Commercially generated waste is prohibited by law. This includes waste from businesses, not-for-profit groups, schools, churches, farms, conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQG) and government agencies. Entities whose status is defined as a Missouri Department of Natural Resources Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator have special options for disposal of hazardous waste and should reference

Permanent Site Locations

The first permanent site is located at 291 E. Hoffmeister, St. Louis MO 63125 on the grounds of Metropolitan Sewer District’s Lemay Waste Water Treatment Plant. A second site is currently planned to open in 2014 at the now vacated DOH North County Animal Shelter.

Program Sustainability

The HHW program is part of the DOH waste diversion and recycling initiatives that are funded by a voter approved landfill surcharge fee. As county landfills close and residents increase recycling, those funds are diminishing. Hazardous waste management is expensive. The permanent program will be more cost-effective than one-day events, but we are faced with difficult choices to continue to provide options for proper management of HHW.

We understand that charging for latex paint and limiting disposal quantities of HHW under the permanent program may seem to contradict goals to divert these materials from landfill disposal. However, continuing to provide “free” options to residents is not sustainable—nor does it encourage residents to reduce the amount of HHW they create.

With proper planning, leftover HHW can often be avoided. The reservation website also provides educational tools on how to reduce HHW, other options for recycling some of the common HHW materials, and calculators to help estimate weights of HHW and latex paint. Each individual can then decide what materials they wish to manage through the HHW program and have an estimated cost, if applicable.

The permanent program is a step toward a more sustainable system for management of these problem wastes. The complete solution will take a commitment by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and government to implement a program that minimizes the amount of HHW generated, and provides adequate funding to assure public health and the environment is protected by safe recycling and disposal of HHW.

If you have questions about the permanent household hazardous waste program, please email

Partial funding for the regional Saint Louis Household Hazardous Waste program is provided by the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Additional funding comes from Saint Louis County voter-approved landfill surcharge fees.

St. Louis Jefferson Solid Waste Mgt Dist Missouri Dept Nat Resources