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Getting Started

Five steps to a successful recycling program.

Identify Your Champion | Let’s Get Recycling | Make Recycling Easy | Train Your Team | Throw Away Less

1. Identify Your Champion.

Identify a recycling champion to lead the effort and communicate with staff, including custodial, building managers, and the contracted waste management service. The job of recycling coordinator is important and it is helpful if that job duty belongs to a person who is an avid recycler who wants to see the program succeed.

2. Let’s Get Recycling.

Commercial Single Stream Recycling is the easiest and most convenient way to implement recycling throughout your business.

Setting up the infrastructure for your program is one of the most important steps in making your program a success Start with your current waste hauler and determine if they provide commercial single-stream recycling services and obtain costs. If your current hauler is unable to provide this service, contact other haulers who can. If you rent space and share waste service with other tenants, talk with the property manager about adding recycling service.

Questions to ask when planning a recycling program:

  1. How much does it cost per month for your waste service?
  2. How many dumpsters do you have? What size dumpsters do you have? How often are they emptied?
  3. Does your company have its own custodial staff, do they contract for cleaning service, or is service part of staff duties?
    1. If your company has its own custodial staff, work with your staff to include recycling as part of their job description.
    2. If your business contracts for waste service, review the contract to determine how to add recycling services. Know the length of the contract and its expiration date.
    3. If waste disposal is part of employee job duties, include staff in the recycling program implementation.
  4. How will the materials get from the desk to the dock? What containers will be set out to collect recyclable materials?

3. Make Recycling Easy.

The key to success is to make recycling as easy as throwing away trash. Label containers clearly so that everyone can quickly understand what goes into recycling and what stays out. Create posters about what can be recycled and instructions for how to recycle properly.

Want to advertize that you are “Think Inside the Bin” business? Window decals are available to businesses that recycle. Place the TIB decal on a prominent window or door so clients and patrons will know that recycling is important to your company. Contact us for details.

4. Train Your Team.

Having a staff that recycles correctly ensures a clean recycling stream. Though the sorting process can handle some contamination, it is important to educate! Review your recycling program with staff, at least semiannually. New employees should be briefed on the recycling program, and if changes to the program occur during the year, updates should be sent out to staff.

Consider recruiting Recycling Captains for different departments or floors in the company. Recycling captains will disseminate information, monitor the recycling program, and address any challenges or problems.

5. Throw Away Less.

What items are being tossed in your garbage and recycling bins? Do they need to be used in the first place? Plan at least one project that will allow your business to use and dispose of fewer items. This may help your business save money! Go above and beyond. Use less paper by printing on both sides. Manage the needs of your clients and customers online instead of using printed materials. Switch to durable dishware for everyday employee use. Use alternatives to single-serve or individually-packaged items.