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Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Enforcement

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Choose To Reuse! 

Reuse means to use something again, either as originally intended or by getting creative and thinking of new uses. Most importantly, reuse is an alternative to throwing something away. The second “R” of the waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) reuse expends fewer resources than recycling. Recycling recovers materials for remanufacturing into new products. Though energy and resource savings are significant through recycling, manufacturing with recycled feedstock doesn’t negate the need for energy, water and other resources that are not part of the simple act of reuse.

By reusing you: 

  1. Keep items out of landfills
  2. Reduce the demand for natural resources associated with making new products from virgin feed stock and/or recycled feedstock
  3. Save money associated with disposal and purchase costs
  4. Create jobs in the reuse industry
  5. Help redistribute goods to those who can use them, at a lower cost than new

Reuse Tips 

  1. Utilize reusable beverage bottles and cups, especially single-use plastic water bottles. Each year, Americans use enough water bottles to wrap around the earth 3 times. Carry your own spoon and fork. Plastic utensils cannot be recycled and do not easily break down in landfills. Bring your own and waste less.
  2. Fix items that can be repaired versus buying new. You may be surprised by the money you’ll save.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries. Capable of recharging up to a 1000 times, these batteries may cost less over the long run. Recycling of rechargeable batteries is widely available. 1-877-2-RECYCLE or visit for more information
  4. Make lunches waste free! Multi-use containers, tableware, a cloth napkin and a lunch box are all you need for a nutritious lunch and reduced waste...
  5. Take clothes, appliances, shoes, handbags, belts and home goods to charities or consignment stores.
  6. Take moving boxes to shipping stores and/or moving stores. Some dry cleaners will take wire hangers for reuse. Not all cleaners will accept hangers so please call ahead of time to check.
  7. Many florists will take back vases.
  8. Boxes and cardboard paper rolls can be used to make kids crafts.
  9. Glass jars can be used for storage and as vases.

For fun recycled art crafts and tips please visit: or