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Recycling at Work 

Thousands of county residents have recently expanded their recycling efforts and now expect recycling in their workplace. If you’d like to join the recycling ranks, we have free resources and assistance to establish a convenient workplace recycling program. Read on or contact us now.

Get started – Five steps to a successful recycling program

Identify a recycling champion to lead the effort and communicate with staff, including custodial, building managers, and the contracted waste management service. More…

Tell us your story – Success stories from local businesses

If your company already recycles, your success story can inspire others or provide information that will help another company start a recycling program at work. Tell Us…

Recycling right – What can and cannot be recycled

You might be surprised at how many things are recyclable and how easy it is. However, it is important for you to avoid recycling items that are not recyclable. More…

Go above and beyond – More than just recycling

Are you already recycling at work and would like to do more? There are many more things you can do to green your business. More…