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Multifamily Recycling 

Multifamily Recycling

Multifamily recycling is an on-site recycling collection system for residents that occupy multifamily dwellings. Multifamily dwellings include sprawling apartment complexes, high rise buildings, townhomes, and condos. Recycling in multifamily dwellings has challenges, but increasingly, it is an amenity that residents and tenants expect and demand.

Fortunately, recycling is easier with improved processing techniques and the simple single stream collection method where all recyclable materials can be commingled into the same container. To discover what can and cannot be recycled in Saint Louis County, please see What Can I Recycle Curbside?

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No recycling at your multifamily dwelling? – Moving in, weekly recycling…

Some multifamily properties have evaluated their waste stream and found it beneficial to offer recycling to their residents. On the other hand, because recycling is not required for multifamily dwellings, many property owners do not include recycling service.  More…

Start a multifamily recycling program – Four easy steps, challenges, solutions…

Why recycle at home? Recycling has many rewards that make it well worth the effort!

1.  Save money. Many multifamily programs find that by recycling, they can reduce the number of trash

pick-ups per week and thus their trash bill.

2.  Enhance resident satisfaction and public image. Recycling is catching on…  More…

Improve your recycling program – Evaluate progress, promote recycling…

When you evaluate the level of recyclables compared to the level of trash, you will see if you can decrease the number of trash pickups in a week. This is how you can save money by recycling. The more your recycling program is promoted, the better participation will be  More…