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No recycling at your multifamily dwelling | Start a mulitfamily recycling program

Improve your recycling program


No Recycling at Your Multifamily Dwelling? 

Some multifamily properties have evaluated their waste stream and found it beneficial to offer recycling to their residents. On the other hand, because recycling is not required for multifamily dwellings, many property owners do not include a recycling service.

In Saint Louis County, you have some alternatives to throwing it all away.

Moving In

Stress your desire for recycling to your property manager upon move-in.

If management doesn’t know their residents want recycling service, they probably won’t bother looking into it. In many cases, property managers will try to accommodate their residents’ requests to reduce turnover. Talk to Property Management about the benefits of recycling on-site. Let management know if you are willing to volunteer to educate your fellow residents if they consider starting a recycling program.

Collect all your recyclable materials while unpacking.

Instead of sending all the packing materials to the dumpster, reuse what you can and recycle the rest. Break down and flatten all cardboard boxes and return to a packing store or take to a recycling drop-off (Recycling Dropoff Locations ). Newspaper may be dropped off at your nearest recycling facility as well. Clean bubble wrap and packing peanuts are recycled at select Pak Mail locations. Visit for locations.

Weekly Recycling

Set up an area in your unit to collect recycling.

Up to 70% of your household waste can be recycled. Recycling works best if you place a recycling container next to your garbage can. If you have two levels in your unit, it is helpful to place another recycling bin upstairs. You might have to drop off your recyclables weekly or every other week, depending on your personal waste stream. See our Recycling Dropoff Locations listing for recyclable materials and the facility nearest you!

Recycle at local schools.

If you’ve been around Saint Louis County a little while, you may have noticed the green and yellow “Paper Retriever” dumpsters located in the parking lots of schools, churches and non-profit entities. Did you know that the paper is collected to raise money for projects important to their organization?Y ou can help by recycling your catalogs, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, and office paper in a Paper Retriever bin. Find a bin at

Moving Out

Donate or sell your old household goods.

With proper planning, your old items can be reused by someone who can really use what you no longer need. It’s surprising how many folks are looking for a good bargain. You might even make some extra money for your move. Find a buyer online or donate to a local charity. For a place to unload your unwanted items, see Options for Reusable Items.

Dispose of household chemicals responsibly.

Don’t make waste in the first place is a great motto to live by. Why not take some time to inventory those household hazardous chemicals you cannot take with you? Consider sharing leftovers such as fertilizer, paint, antifreeze and cleaners with neighbors or friends. Some automotive shops will take used motor oil. See our Household Hazardous Waste page for more information.