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Health and Wellness

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Handwashing Teenage Health Consultants Program

The Teenage Health Consultant (TAHC) Program is a health education project sponsored by the Saint Louis County Department of Health in partnership with local schools. The TAHC Program recognizes that peers have an important role in influencing young people's choices. Trained Teenage Health Consultants have a positive effect on other students by leading discussions about important issues and encouraging healthy decision-making.

The goal of the TAHC Program is to help teenagers reach their full potential through a healthy lifestyle. A program sponsor in each participating high school recruits students to be trained to speak to students in upper elementary, middle school, and high school classes on the following topics which impact young people and their futures:

Square Every Choice Counts
Square Dealing With Conflict
Square Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Square Dating Issues

Every school year, over 400 students from Saint Louis County high schools are trained as Teenage Health Consultants. Since the TAHC Program began in 1984, over 350,000 students have taken part in discussions led by Teenage Health Consultants. In addition to classroom discussions, Teenage Health Consultants share important information about health services and community resources with their peers.