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Health and Wellness

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Calendar Contest 2014 Healthy Living Poster and Calendar Contest

The Saint Louis County Department of Health (DOH) is pleased to sponsor a “Healthy Living Poster/Calendar Slogan Contest” for county students in grades K-12. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students to spread healthy messages to their peers on three important issues:

  • The importance of physical activity
  • Making healthy food choices
  • Living a tobacco and drug-free life

  • Last year nearly 1,000 students submitted colorful, creative, and informative posters. A DOH committee had the difficult task of selecting the best 13 which were printed as large posters (36” x 48”) and given back to the winning schools. We also featured the posters on our website and Facebook account and in several local shopping malls. We also created 2014 calendars of all the winners and we are given the calendars to all participating teachers.

    The poster/calendar slogan contest gives us an opportunity to work together to educate youth and promote healthy lifestyle choices. We are requesting your assistance in announcing this contest. Enclosed are copies of the contest announcement and entry forms for your use, including examples of winning posters from previous years.

    Our goal is to keep this contest relevant and worthwhile for all of our participants, so please feel free to contact Barb Ballard with feedback, comments, or questions. Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation. We look forward to even more participation in Fall 2014!

    Important Links to Contest Information

    The Saint Louis County Department of Health offers:


    Consultations and resources on health education for schools and community groups. Call (314) 615-0555 for more information.


    Educational materials for health promotions, public events and festivals.


    Information about all forms of tobacco use, healthy food choices and physical activity.

    2014 Healthy Living Contest Winners:

    Title Name School Grade
    Health Food Is ... Gabriel F. Beasley Elementary Kindergarden
    Broccoli Is ... Anna L. Shenandoah Valley 1st Grade
    Make the Grade ... Rhegan S. Holy Infant 2nd Grade
    Pick Your Favorite ... Lydia M. Computer School 3rd Grade
    No Drugs ... Aaryn J. Halls Ferry School 4th Grade
    Skipping Jumping Sprinting ... Joshua S. Green Park 5th Grade
    The Secret to ... Alex S. Holy Infant 6th Grade
    You Only Live Once ... Alona J. Brittany Woods 7th Grade
    Healthy Foods ... Matthew T. St. Peter School 8th Grade
    Lions and Tigers ... Emily F. Webster Groves High 9th Grade
    The Strongest Finish ... Nick C. CBC High School 10th Grade
    Now You Can ... Grant E. Webster Groves High 11th Grade
    Angry Brain Says ... Christlina C. Neuwoehner High School 12th Grade

    (Click on a title above to download the high resolution image.)

    Winning Entry

    Healthy Food Is ...

    Gabriel F. (Kindergarden)

    Winning Entry

    Broccoli Is ...

    Anna L. (1st Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Make the Grade ...

    Rhegan S. (2nd Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Pick Your Favorite ...

    Lydia M. (3rd Grade)

    Winning Entry

    No Drugs ...

    Aaryn J. (4th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Skipping Jumping Sprinting ...

    Joshua S. (5th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    The Secret to ...

    Alex S. (6th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    You Only Live Once ...

    Alona J. (7th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Healty Foods ...

    Matthew T. (8th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Lions and Tigers ...

    Emily F. (9th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    The Strongest Finish ...

    Nick C. (10th Grade)

    Winning Entry

    Now You Can ...

    Grant E. (11th Grade)

      Winning Entry

    Angry Brain Says ...

    Christlina C. (12th Grade)



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