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Food Information for the New Owners/Operators of an Existing Food Establishment

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Dear Potential New Owner/Operator of an Existing Food Establishment:

Congratulations on your decision to operate a food establishment in Saint Louis County! The Department of Health is here to assist you in taking over the operation of your facilities and help your establishment stay in compliance with all applicable codes. The Department has developed this web site to help you make your business venture a successful one. The following procedures can save you time and money:

If you are opening a new food establishment, submit, in person or via mail, plans, specifications, application(s), and fees to:

The Saint Louis County Department of Health – Division of Environmental Protection

6121 North Hanley Road

Berkeley, MO 63134

Phone: (314) 615-8900

Please contact our office (314) 615-8900 at least seven (7) days in advance to schedule a construction/plan review inspection. Only after the establishment passes the required construction/plan review inspection will Saint Louis County allow an operational/opening inspection to be scheduled for consideration of issuance of a food establishment permit. The two inspections are normally not conducted on the same day.

Important Information about Taking over the Operations of an Existing Food Establishment

Note: For Change of Ownership a paid merchant license receipt is required upon submittal of applications and fees. This may be obtained by contacting the St. Louis County Department of Revenue – Business Personal Property Division at 314-615-5104.

(For Non-For-Profit Organizations, please contact 314-615-7813 for a waiver.)