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Food Instructions for Becoming the New Owner/Operator of an Existing Food Establishment

Safe Food Center


Upon receipt of the required application(s) and fees, you will receive a phone call to set up an initial construction/plan review inspection.


Your establishment will receive a minimum of two (2) inspections. Prior to opening, a construction/plan review inspection will be conducted, by a Plan Review Engineer, at the establishment to ensure compliance with the Saint Louis County Food Code and the approved plans.


Only after the establishment passes the required construction/plan review inspection shall Saint Louis County allow an operational/opening inspection to be scheduled for consideration of issuance of a food establishment permit. The two (2) inspections are normally not conducted on the same day.


An operational/opening inspection will be conducted by an Environmental Representative once construction/plan review inspection and approval are obtained. After the operational/opening inspection is completed, your Environmental Representative will advise you if you are permitted to open.